Premium Northern Lights


Northern Lights has been a popular strain for decades, being one of the purest indicas on the market. While it is believed that Seattle was the originator of the strain, it was not found until Sensei Seeds in Holland began marketing it in 1985. The body-numbing strain is known for its enticing sweet and spicy smell and flavor, as well as the deep relaxation that it evokes. It flowers in approximately forty-seven days, making Northern Lights one of the faster-growing indicas available. It is responsible for parenting some of the greatest strains in the world, including Shiva Skunk, Sour Diesel, and even Super Silver Haze. Due to its relaxing nature, Northern Lights is best used at night or as a cure for insomnia. If you are a patient due to chronic pain, the strain and its curative properties may be the perfect fit for you.

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